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About Horny Head Decor

Horny Head Decor was founded during the height of Covid.  What started out as a hobby turned into a side hustle during the 20/21 lockdown and within a year expanded into a business opportunity. 
Initially, I created mosaics, bird houses, pots, birdbaths and such, which I sold online.  Sometime mid 2020, a rancher friend offered me a few deer skulls that he had lying around and so began my journey on decorating skulls. 
I quickly realized the beauty in "the dead" that most people find repulsive.
Some friends saw some of my skull creations and placed some custom orders on skulls that they had and at that point, I actively started sourcing skulls - any skulls that I could lay my hands on became bedazzled works of art!
HHD operates out of a small studio on a ranch in central Texas.  Today, my family are all somehow involved in the business; hubby Cory fixes and attaches horns, when necessary, while I run the admin and enjoy fixing and decorating skulls.
It is a blessing to have the support and help from my family, enabling me to enjoy my hobby and offer beautiful skull creations into people's home decor, so that they too will enjoy what I see in these skulls every day.

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