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Flat Glass Dual Colour Longhorns

Flat Glass Dual Colour Longhorns

Flat Glass dualcolor Longhorn Skulls are embellished with reflective glass in a variety of colors, that is hand-laid in a close pattern mosaic style.  Glass is fade proof, so will not discolor over time.


Choose Ombre, Cowprint or Geod for your custom design Longhorn Skull.


The photo of the two white skulls are an indication of our traditional large size and horns with Blue Tape is a sample of our Extra Large Size.



    HHD Skulls are all ethically sourced.  Tempered glass is fade proof and will not lose it’s luster over time.  Indoor/outdoor adhesives and sealants are used on All-glass and Mosaic skulls, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

    Horn sizes are determined by the length of the horn measured from the base of the horn on the skull to the tip of the horn. For an average on the spread from tip to tip, the measurement will be approximately double the horn length plus the width of the skull between the horns.

    Large: 24" - 29"

    X-Large: 30" - 34"

    *NOT all sizes are available at all times, however we will be in touch if your requested size is not in stock.

    For shipped skulls, some assembly is required.  The skull, once assembly of the horns is complete, is ready to hang on your wall.

    Assembly instructions:

    •  Your package has a skull and two horns
    • The horns are marked “Left Horn” and “Right Horn”
    • The skull is marked “LH” and “RH”
    • Remove the screws in the skull
    • Begin with the left horn and line up the holes in the horns with the screw holes in the skull
    • Carefully screw in the top screws through the horns into the skull. 
    • Do not screw in too tight as you will crack/break the horn.
    • Proceed by turning skull over and inserting the bottom screws.
    • Repeat for the right horn.
    • Wrap any loose rope around the base of the horns, following the contour of the glass.
    • Secure rope with nails or glue


    Your skull has been treated to keep insects and bugs out.  We recommend treating the skull periodically (approximately every 4 to 6 months).  Home Defense is recommended, which can be purchased at a hardware store.  Spray the underside and inside of the skull with the insect repellant, as well as the teeth.

    To clean the skull, use a lint-free cloth and gently wipe over the skull, careful not to snag any of the glass and pull it off, or use a soft hat/paint brush to gently brush off dust.

    Should any glass or décor on the skull come loose, we recommend using Tacky Glue (or an adhesive that dries clear) to re-attach the glass.


    Your skull has a wire hanger attached at the back of the skull.  If hanging on a sheetrock/drywall, be sure to either find a stud in the wall or use a drywall anchor.

    Use a 3” screw, drilled into the wall at a 45 degree angle, to ensure that the skull wire does not slip off the screw and fall, or use our HHD wall mount bracket that you may have purchased.

    Hang your skull from the wire attached to back of skull.



    • All sales are FINAL !!!
    • Insurance is purchased with shipping to cover any damages to your skull.
    • There is a 100% cancelation fee on custom orders, ie. Should you place a custom order and pay a deposit and then decide to cancel the order or avoid paying upon product completion, any payments made toward the order will be forfeited by you for the services rendered.
    • VENDORS: Should you require a replacement head there will be a 20% restocking fee for exchanges.

    • Skulls are wrapped and packaged for protection, before being boxed for shipping.
    • A flat rate of $85 per skull is charged for shipping and includes insurance for the replacement value of the skull.
    • Purchases will be shipped between 3 to 5 business days after payment in full has been received.
    • Product must be paid in full upon time of completion before shipping.
    • NO products will be shipped until payment requirements are met.
    • Upon receipt of your product there will be some assembly required. Inside your order there will be a "How to" guide to assist with the assembly process.
    • No combined shipping.
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